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Poppy's House

By Karla Courtney Illustrated by Madeline Kloepper.

On top of a hill, where the ocean shines on all sides, sits a little yellow house.

This is where Poppy lives.

"A warm story of the bond between young and old that evokes the wild, windswept banks of Newfoundland—and the joys of a traditional way of life.

"In a picture book as cozy as wool socks and as sweeping as a lighthouse beam, a little girl takes a ferry to an island to spend time with her Poppy. After fresh-baked bread for breakfast, the two tidy up, garden, and set out to explore together. They pass docks and green hills specked with puffins, counting their favourite things along the way: masts, animal tracks, silvery waves. At the end of each day, they snuggle on Poppy’s worn velvet armchair to read by lantern light. When it’s time to travel home, the little girl begins counting the days until she and Poppy will be together again. A patchwork of exquisitely patterned and textured art evokes a traditional quilt in this ode to coastal Canada. Based on the author's childhood visits to Newfoundland and Labrador."

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Knit your Own Tiny House of Memories

Poppy’s House is a love letter to precious time spent with our loved ones. This little house, designed to look like the house in the book, is made for cuddles and keeping your favourite memories in the front door pocket. 



Join us for virtual and in-person events: giveaways, readings, tours of our knitted model house and more!

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