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How to decrease stitches: K2 tog

Knitting two stitches together at once, or k2 tog, is a simple method that allows you to decrease two stitches into one.

Using this method will create a stitch that leans to the right.

Decreasing stitches is a really useful knitting skill to have, as it will allow you to go beyond making squares and rectangles and start shaping things! Think, armholes for sweaters or the tops of a beanie!

Instructions for k2 tog (Knit two together):

Slip the needle through two stitches instead of one, exactly as you would do if you were knitting one stitch.

Knit both of these stitches together at the same time to create just one stitch.

See also:

S1k1 psso – another method to decrease stitches in knitting (this creates a stitch that leans to the left)


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