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I am an author and knitter who is inspired by nature and the sea.



I am a travel and lifestyle writer and hand knitter who grew up in Toronto and spent summers in Newfoundland, where my Grandmother taught me the ways of wool.


My career started with a wool triangle – which I made accidentally when I was trying to knit a scarf but kept adding stitches! I rolled the triangle into a cone, sewed the edges together to turn it into a hat, and wrote up the "pattern". I have been making books and beanies ever since :)

My work has been featured in Parents magazine, Grazia and The Times (London) and I am a regular contributor to Qantas magazine. I am the author of Poppy’s House


My latest book

A warm story of the bond between young and old that evokes the wild, windswept banks of Newfoundland – and the joys of a traditional way of life.