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Easy knitted flowers pattern [FREE]

I’ve made this free pattern for easy knitted flowers to go with my slippers pattern, but they can be a perfect little embellishment anywhere you like: add to a hat, mitts, scarf, sweater, put on a pin to make a brooch or even on top of a gift to up your wrapping game 💁‍♀️. As a bonus these are also very quick to knit up!


NOTES: You don’t need any particular wool however I recommend something not too chunky. Your wool label will recommend the needle gauge you use. As a guide, I used a medium-weight wool with 4mm/US size 6 needles. 

  1. Cast on 16sts (small flower), 24 sts (medium flower) or 32 sts (large flower). For reference, the flower on my slippers is large

  2. Inc one in every st – you will have 32 (small), 48 (medium) or 64 (large)

If you aren’t familiar with how to increase a stitch, the method I use is: start to knit a stitch as you normally would but DON’T SLIP it off. Now, knit into the *back* (opposite side) of this same stitch and then slip it off as you would. I have made a *very basic* video below showing me using this method. There is no audio and you will have to excuse my unmanicured hands 🙂

  1. Knit one row

  2. Now inc one in every st *again*! – you will have 64 (small), 96 (medium) or 128 (large). It may feel a bit tight/you may have to squeeze the stitches onto your needle but don’t worry it is done now!

  3. Cast off

🌀You will now have a lovely spiral. Starting with inside and on the end that *does not* have your loose wool, coil this into a flower shape as pictured.

Thread a wool needle with the loose wool at the bottom of the flower and push this back up into the centre of the flower to catch and secure the opposite end and then back again.

Repeat this stitching along the inside edge of the spiral on the bottom of the flower to secure it all in place.

Easy Pattern for Knitted Flowers

Ensure your loose ends are hanging from the bottom when you are finished – you can use these to sew your flower onto whatever you want 🙌


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