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How to cast off

So, you’re knitting your first project and you’ve come to the point where you are ready to finish, but find yourself asking “HOW DO I STOP!?!”

Don’t worry, casting off (aka binding off) is super simple and the below video will show you just how to do it.

Watch the video:

Tips and instructions for casting off in knitting:

Knit two stitches, then stop.

Pull the first stitch you knit over the second stitch – so there should now be only one stitch on the needle.

Knit one more stitch – there once again should be two stitches on your needle. Pull the first stitch over this second stitch again.

Repeat this process of knitting two stitches and pulling the first over the second until there is only one stitch remaining.

Cut your wool from the ball leaving a generous amount still attached to your work (e.g. at least 10cm).

Take the loose wool end and pull it through the final stitch to secure it and remove it from the needle.


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