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Free Grinch-inspired knitting grids to make the ultimate ugly Christmas sweater

The Grinch free knitting pattern

I had quite a few requests to knit a Grinch sweater for my lobster – in order to get the detail in, I had to modify my current free lobster sweater pattern by essentially doubling the amount of stitches and using 2-ply yarn and 2.5mm needles to keep the dimensions the same.

Since I started knitting these sweaters I have evovoled the style and changed the pattern signifcantly to continue to be able to respond to requests and make more fun styles :) So, in the new year I will release a lobster sweater pattern 2.0 with some Fair Isle grids to help you make styles like this pumpkin one or these Christmas ones.

Enjoy – and MERRY WHATEVER ;) x

The Grinch free knitting pattern grid

Merry Whatever free knitting grid

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