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How to weave loose ends in knitting

So, you’ve finished knitting, cast off, and now there is a long piece of wool left over.

The WORST thing you can do is knot this tightly and cut it – if this comes undone your work will unravel and that won’t be fun : (

This is a simple weaving method to help secure a longer piece of wool for any loose ends, such as the wool left from casting on and off.

Watch the video:

Tips and instructions for weaving in your loose wool ends:

Thread a wool needle with the loose wool end.

Insert the needle up into the back (if it is stocking stitch, this will be the purl slide) of two to three stitches, then loop back around and insert down through another two to three stitches.

If you have space, repeat this process a few times.

Cut the loose end very close to your work.


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