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How to knit in the round: double-pointed needles

Knitting in the round, or circular knitting, is a method that allows you to knit in continuous circles so that there is no seaming required.

It is great for many projects, such as hats (beanies), toys, mittens, socks and even sweaters. Many of my patterns use this method as I like to spend more time knitting and less time sewing.

There are a few methods, such as using a circular needle, “The Magic Loop” or using a set of double-pointed needles.

These tutorials deal with knitting in the round with double-pointed needles. I have created two videos: a longer one for beginners and a shorter one as a bit of a refresher.

While it may seem intimidating holding so many needles, it is easier than you think! You are actually only ever knitting with two needles at once.

Knitting in the round for beginners:

This video deals with key questions such as:

1. How do I get started with knitting in the round with double-pointed needles?

2. How many needles am I actually knitting with at once?!

3. Why would I knit in the round when I can just knit and then sew it together?

4. What happens when I have gaps (ladders) in my work?

Knitting in the round refresher video:

Knitting in the round with double pointed needles tips and instructions:

Cast on all of the stitches onto one needle.

Slip your stitches across two other needles (sometimes this will only be one) as your pattern dictates.

For example, many of my patterns will start out with eight stitches and require you to split the stitches across three needles total, with two on one, two on the other and four on the other.

Take your three needles and form a triangle – The top point of the triangle is where the needle with the working wool attached will meet the end needle.

If you are right-handed – hold this triangle with your left hand with the working wool on the right. If you are left-handed, hold this triangle with your right hand with the working wool on the left.

Take a fourth, empty needle in your opposite hand.

Pull the working wool across and you are going to knit with it, starting on the needle on the left (right) of the triangle.

You are only knitting with two needles.

Knit through all of the stitches until you reach the end of the needle an have a new empty needle.

With this new empty needle, move on to the next needle and start knitting across.


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