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Totoro toy knitting pattern [FREE]

My son (like the most of the internet) is a HUGE fan of My Neighbour Totoro and asked me to make him some cuddly Totoro knitted toys.

These patterns are a bit fiddly but I promise you they are worth the effort! I create most of my patterns using knitting in the round with multiple double-pointed needles and I also prefer to knit appendage onto the body rather than sew them on as this makes them more secure and also, literally, seamless.

Tutorials that may help you with these Totoro patterns:

Download now

I have designed for easy reading on your smartphone with two options, dark mode and light mode (better for printing)

Free Totoro Toy Knitting Pattern
Tiny white Tortoro knitting pattern free
Large grey Tortoro knitting pattern free
Small blue Tortoro knitting pattern free


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