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Basic seashell knitting pattern [FREE]

As the weather gets warmer, I love to make quick and fun little projects that I can knit on the go without needing to carry too much wool.

These simple seashells are a summer favourite for me – they can be a toy, a decoration or just something to make you smile :)

Here are some basic instructions for how to knit your own shell:

  • Cast 6 sts of wool (colour of choice) onto a double-pointed needle.

  • WOOL TIP: I recommend using an Aran weight or thinner and using a wool that is one size smaller than recommended on the label.

  • Distribute the stitches 3-3 across two double-pointed needles. With a third double-pointed needle, start knitting in the round. Refer below image:

  • Knit 4 rounds with this same colour.

  • Stop and introduce a lighter colour (such as white). Work one round. Then return to the previous colour.

  • Continue working four rounds of your main colour and one round of your light colour.

  • As you work rounds, add two stitches every 8 rounds or so (just avoid increasing on or immediately after your striped round) until you reach 16 stitches, then add four stitches every 8 rounds or so until you have 24 total stitches

  • Your work doesn't need to be a specific length, but as a guideline I used Aran weight wool with 4mm needles and my work measured around 24cm.

  • Cast off with your white wool.

  • If you like, add a small amount of stuffing into the middle section of the shell (around 8cm right in the middle). This is optional, just to make the centre appear a bit more full.

  • Starting with the smaller end (where you cast on) roll the shell into a swirl. Refer GIF below:

  • Use your cast on and cast off ends to lightly stitch the shape into place.


If you would like something a little more complex, try my Clam with a Pearl knitting pattern to knit a beautiful, classic-style shell that opens and closes.

If you try this project, I would love to see your results! Tag me on Instagram @karlacourtney.


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