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How to knit an I-cord

What is an i-cord?

An i-cord is simply a thin tube (cord) of knitting that looks a bit like the below:

Materials needed to create an i-cord:

  • 2x double pointed needles

  • Wool

I-cord (knitted tube) basic video tutorial:

I-cord tips and instructions:

Cast on your stitches, depending on how thick you need your cord to be, this can be anywhere from around three to six or seven.

NOTE: An i-cord needs to be thin – if you need to make a thicker tube you need to use a circular knitting method.

Your working wool will be on the wrong end of your work – pull it across the back and knit with it.

Knit your stitches as usual. Once you get to the end of the row, you are going to slide the stitches across to the opposite end of the double-pointed needle and repeat.

Continue this process of knitting, sliding your work across and pulling the wool across to knit– this simple method creates your cord!


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