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How to increase in knitting: Knit front back (kbf)

What is knit front back?

Knit front back (kfb) is a method of increasing stitches in knitting that allows you to create a new stitch anywhere in your row or round.

The new stitch is created by knitting into the same stitch twice: first in the front, and then in the back.

I use this method in most of my patterns – I have referred to this method as Inc1 in the past. However, there are different methods of increase so in the case of my patterns, Inc1 = kfb :)

How to knit front back basic video tutorial:

Knit front back tips and instructions:

  • Start to knit into a stitch as you normally would – STOP before you are meant to slip the stitch off:

  • Knit into the opposite side of that same stitch:

  • Slip the second stitch off as you usually would. You have created an additional stitch:


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