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How to knit a pumpkin [Free pattern]

I’ve spotted these adorable knitting pumpkins all over the internet and have had a few requests for a pattern.

They are surprisingly easy – great for beginners and even children to try!

Knitted pumpkin pattern


  • 9" circular needle

  • Chunky weight orange wool (or colour of choice)

  • Stuffing

  • Wool needle



  • Cast 78sts onto a set of 9” circular needles (the length is important as you need it to be the right length to knit your stitches in a circle without stretching them!)

  • K12, P1 and repeat for the round

  • Repeat this until your work measures around 8”

  • Cut the working wool leaving a very generous amount (30”+)

  • Thread a wool needle with this end and pull through all the stitches on the needle and close tightly

  • Stuff

  • Weave the cast on end loosely around the bottom edge and then pull this closed

  • Using the leftover wool from the top, pull tightly and to the bottom along each groove created by your P stitch to help shape your pumpkin (watch the video below as a reference)

  • Find a stick you like to complete the look (I used cinnamon). You could also knit a small I-Cord to make a little stem.



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